D.M.J. (Daniël) Peeters

D.M.J. (Daniël) Peeters


teaching activities

2019-2020, Q2: AE4ASM110 Polymer Composite Manufacturing (2 lectures) 2019-2020, Q3: AE1108-II Aerospace Mechanics of Materials (all lectures)


My research focuses on the link between design/optimization and manufacturing using automated manufacturing (i.e., automated fibre placement): during manufacturing small changes are always made to the design, which alter the structural performance. Initially, I want to determine the cause of these discrepancies, next quantify them and ultimately take them into account in the design/optimization of a structure. The changes can occur at many length scales: from the fiber alignment in a single tape, over tape width variations up to robot movements that need to be taken into account.


G. Clancy, D. Peeters, V. Oliveri, D. Jones, R. O'Higgins, and P.M. Weaver, AIAA SciTech Structures Best paper award for "Steering of Carbon Fiber/Thermoplastic Pre-preg Tapes using Laser-Assisted Tape Placement", 2018

key publications

[1] G. Clancy, D. Peeters, V. Oliveri, D. Jones, R. O'Higgins, P.M. Weaver, "A study of the influence of processing parameters on steering of carbon Fibre/PEEK tapes using laser-assisted tape placement" Composites Part B: Engineering, vol. 163, pp 243-251, 2019  
[2] D. Peeters, F-X Irisarri, C. Groenendijk, R. Růžek, "Optimal design, manufacturing and testing of non-conventional laminates", Composite Structures, vol. 210, pp 29-40, 2019  
[3] V. Oliveri, G. Zucco, D. Peeters, G. Clancy, R. Telford, M. Rouhi, C. McHale, R. O’Higgins, T.M. Young, P.M. Weaver, "Design, Manufacture and Test of an In-Situ Consolidated Thermoplastic Variable-Stiffness Wingbox", AIAA Journal, pp 1-13, 2018  
[4] D. Peeters, G.G. Lozano, M.M. Abdalla, "Effect of steering limit constraints on the performance of variable stiffness laminates", Computers & Structures, vol. 196, pp 94-111, 2018 
[5] D. Peeters, S. Hesse, M.M. Abdalla, "Stacking sequence optimisation of variable stiffness laminates with manufacturing constraints", Composite Structures, vol. 125, pp 596-604, 2015


After obtaining a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology, Daniël Peeters did a 6-month honour's track at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and a 3-month internship at Stadler Rail. Afterwards he obtained his Master's degree from Delft University of Technology working on the optimisation of variable stiffness structures. He continued this research in the group of Aerospace Structures and Computational Mechanics during his PhD. After successfully completing his PhD in four years, he left Delft and went to Limerick, Ireland, for a post-doc position with Paul Weaver. Next to his technical contributions he was the project manager of the design, manufacture and test of a in-situ consolidated, variable stiffness, integrated-stiffener, thermoplastic wingbox. Since November 2018 he works as a researcher in the Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies group at TU Delft.

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