Ir. E.C. (Evert) Bunschoten

Ir. E.C. (Evert) Bunschoten

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Evert Bunschoten is an aerospace engineer, who graduated both for his B.Sc in 2018 and his M.Sc in 2020 at the Technical University of Delft. Evert is specialized in the implementation of numerical methods for flow analyses for propulsion and power applications. He finalized his Bachelor with the design of a drone with exploration capabilities on Mars. During his Master thesis, Evert implemented a method for turbomachinery performance assessment with associated computational costs over 3 orders of magnitude lower than conventional analysis methods, while maintaining relative accuracy. This method was embedded into a design workflow, which allows for computationally cheap, yet accurate flow analyses of complete compressors and turbines. The code for this workflow is available on GitHub.
Near the end of his Master thesis, Evert was selected to become a researcher at the Propulsion and Power group, where he currently works on the implementation of efficient LUT methods for combustion simulation in numerical solvers. One day, Evert hopes to combine the work of his Master thesis with this LUT method to allow for system level design optimization for gas turbines. 


  • Designing a reconnaissance drone for Martian exploration.
  • Setting up a workflow in OpenFoam for the analysis and optimization of the inlet port in gasoline engines.
  • Implementation of highly efficient turbomachinery analysis method, based on body-force modeling in SU2.

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