E.J.M. (Mirjam) Blokker

E.J.M. (Mirjam) Blokker



Mirjam Blokker has been working at KWR Water Research Institute since 2003 as a researcher in the drinking water infrastructure team. Since the beginning of 2020, she is affiliated with TU Delft for one day a week.

Mirjam did her MSc at TU Delft in applied physics, with her thesis work on optics. After that she worked in optical fibre telecommunication at Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs), in the Dutch development team. After the internet bubble burst in 2002, in 2003 the research and development work on telecommunications decreased and the Dutch branch was closed. Mirjam changed her line of work to another branch, and focus more on research than on development, and started working at the research institute KWR. Between 2006 and 2010 while working at KWR Mirjam worked on a PhD thesis at  the TUD water management department.


Mirjam is an expert in water demand modelling (SIMDEUM) and its application in water quality modelling in the drinking water distribution network. Since its launch SIMDEUM has been widely applied, and is recognized as a unique tool to get realistic demands and discharges. The realistic time series can then be applied in hydraulic models (both upstream and downstream) to study the effect on flows, pressures and water quality. 

Mirjam has expertise in a wide range of water quality modelling in the drinking water distribution system - varying from phyisical (temperature, sediment / discolouration), to chemical (lead, PAH, chlorine), to microbial (QMRA, microbial growth). 

Joining TU Delft will extend this research, for example with applications in new areas, such as inside the building and in the sewer system. 

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