Ir. E. Mlecnik

Ir. E. Mlecnik



Keywords: energy transition, project management, innovation processes, business models, local policies

I research and develop transitions in the construction sector, particularly for the market development of sustainable solutions in the built environment. I particularly focus on sustainable construction concepts (passive houses, zero energy buildings, energy flexible buildings and neighborhoods, circular buildings) and process innovation (adoption of innovation, business models and decision processes). My interests are pathways for strengthening supply-side collaboration, research on user experiences, and the development of innovative offers and policies for newly-built houses, renovations or project developments. I find it a challenge to learn companies and students how they can explore complex markets with innovative business models.


Erwin Mlecnik works as Assistant Professor at the Section Real Estate Management of the Department Management in the Built Environment (Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment).

He has more than 25 years of work and research experience on sustainable construction and innovation. He is also a member of various working groups of the International Energy Agency.

From 2008 to 2017 Erwin Mlecnik worked as a researcher at the Section Housing Quality and Process Innovation of the Department OTB Research for the Built Environment (Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment). There he obtained his PhD. degree in 2013 with the thesis "Innovation Development for Highly Energy-efficient Housing".

He was founder, coordinator and senior expert R&D at the Flemish Passiefhuis-Platform vzw, a non-profit organization that is specialized in the  dissemination of knowledge for the realization of highly energy-efficient buildings. He also used to be the R&D responsible at Energie Duurzaam vzw and at the engineering office Cenergie cvba, which specialized in the development of energy services. Before that he worked at the universities of Palermo, Montpellier and Brussels. He obtained the degree of Civil Engineer Architect in 1992 at the Free University of Brussels (VUB).

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Current projects:

  • Interreg2Seas - Triple-A: Stimulating the Adoption of low-carbon technologies by home-owners through Awareness and easy Access  (Lead Partner)
  • International Energy Agency - EBC Annex 75 - Cost-effective Building Renovation at District Level Combining Energy Efficiency & Renewables  (Dutch national representative)

I was recently involved in the following projects:

  • International Energy Agency - EBC Annex 67 - Energy Flexible Buildings  (Dutch national representative)
  • Intelligent Energy Europe - COHERENO: Collaboration for housing nearly zero-energy renovation (Lead Partner)
  • ERACOBUILD - One Stop Shop: From demonstration projects towards volume market: Innovations for sustainable renovation (Lead Partner)
  • Federal Science Policy - LEHR: Low Energy Housing Retrofit (Lead Partner)
  • Intelligent Energy Europe - PEP: Promotion of European Passive Houses (Partner)

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