Dr. F. (Farbod) Alijani

Dr. F. (Farbod) Alijani


Awards and Grants


  • European Research Council Consolidator grant (€2,000,000) in 2023
  • European Innovation Council Transition (EICT) grant for bringing an ERC develped technology closer to the market (€2,500,000)- The grant acquired by SoundCell B.V. in 2023,
  • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) Open Technology Program grant (€1,017,493) in 2023,
  • Falling-walls finalist for the science breakthrough of the year in the engineering and technology category in 2022, Berlin, Germany,
  • Kijk magazine finalist and the 4th place winner of the best technological idea of the year in 2022 in the Netherlands ,
  • Best teacher award of the PME department in 2021, at TU Delft
  • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) take-off grant recipient (€40,000) in 2021,
  • Netherlands Enterprise Technology transfer Theme (TTT) recipient (€50,000) in 2021,
  • European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept recipient (€150,000) in 2020,
  • Runner up for ASME C. D. Mote, Jr. Early Career Award in 2020,
  • Best lecturer award at the faculty 3mE, at TU Delft in 2019,
  • European Research Council (ERC) starting grant recipient (€1,422,598) in 2018,
  • TU Delft, 3mE Cohesion grant winner (€60,000) in 2018,
  • TU Delft, 3mE Cohesion grant winner (€60,000) in 2018,
  • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) OTP grant recipient (€402,000) in 2017,
  • TU Delft, 3mE Cohesion grant winner (€60,000) in 2017,
  • TU Delft Health Initiative award winner (€25,000) in 2016,
  • Best teacher award in PME Department at TU Delft in 2016,
  • Best young researcher award from the 4th Canadian Conference on Nonlinear Solid Mechanics (CanCNSM2013) in 2013, Montréal, Canada.


My interest lies in studying linear and nonlinear dynamics of mechanical systems to engineer novel technologies in the cross fields of mechanical engineering and micro/nanoscience. This includes Atomic Force Microscopy techniques as well as nanomechanical devices that are one to a few atoms thick such as graphene. The nature of my research ranges from fundamental exploration to application-inspired, involving mechanics, micro/nanotechnology, as well as their associated computational modelling techniques.

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Farbod Alijani is an associate professor at the department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering (PME) at TU Delft and a  European Research Council (ERC) starting,  Proof-of-Concept, and Consolidator  laureate.  His group focuses on exploiting and understanding linear and nonlinear dynamic phenomena of micro and nanomechanical systems to engineer novel technologies in the fields of high-tech systems, scientific instrumentation, and bio-health. One such technology is the demonstration of probing nanomechanical vibrations of single bacteria using graphene drums that was published in Nature Nanotechnology, and received a large media coverage across the globe, leading also to Farbod's nomination for the best tech idea of 2022 by the Kijk Magazine in The Netherlands, as well as one of the top 20 finalists for the science breakthourgh of the year in engineering and technology by the Falling Walls Foundation. In order to bring this technology closer to market,  in July 2022,  together with his PhD student, postdoc and colleague Prof. Peter Steeneken, Farbod decided to launch the company SoundCell B.V and currently is serving as an advisor to the company.
In addition to this technology, Farbod's group also has strong track record of disclosing new phenomena and new tools for mechanical characterisation at the nanoscale, including experimental evidence of strong nonlinear dissipation in graphene membranes, published in Nature Communications- demonstration of the interrelation between elasticity and thermal bath at the nanoscale, published in Physical Review Letters- and development of a nonlinear dynamic methodology for contactless characterisation of 2D materials, published in Nature Communications.
Farbod was born in Tehran , Iran in 1981, and before joining TU Delft he was a postdoctoral scholar in the vibrations and hydrodynamics laboratory at McGill University in Canada from 2012-2015.  In Oct 2015, he joined TU Delft as a tenure-track Assistant Professor and in April 2019 he got his tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor.

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