Dr.ir. G. (Gerwin) Smit

Dr.ir. G. (Gerwin) Smit


Lectures and talks


Main expertise:
Upper limb prosthetics

Other research fields:
Minimally invasive surgery
Rehabilitation technology
Lower limb prosthetics


Gerwin Smit is an Assistant Professor, with a research interest in prosthetic devices, medical devices and hand anatomy.

His research group developed the 'Hundred Dollar Hand', a prosthetic hand that can be produced anywhere in the world, based on 3D-printing and laser cutting. This hand prosthesis, is currently being produced in India. More info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUUl_CJxy60

Another prosthetic hand developed by his group, is the 'Self Grasping Hand'. This hand performs its grasp based on the principle of 'tenodesis' as seen in the human hand. This principle causes the hand to close, when it is flexed backwards, around the wrist. This hand prosthesis is being produced in the Netherlands, under the name 'mHand Adapt'. More info: https://www.moveable.nl/en/everything-about-the-moveable-mhand-adapt

In 2020 he initiated Project Inspiration. Inspired by a medical ventilator from the Boerhaave museum, his team developed an emergency medical ventilator, that can be produced anywhere in the world. This resulted in an international collaboration, in which ventilators were produced and tested in different countries, including Guatemala, Panama, India en Ethiopia. Read more about this project on: https://www.projectinspiration.nl

In 2013 he presented the Delft Cylinder Hand. Worlds lightest prosthetic hand, driven by miniature hydraulic cylinders. TEDx Talk by Gerwin Smit on the development of the Delft Cylinder Hand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75wpABkscHU&feature=player_embedded 

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