Prof.dr. H.E.J. (DirkJan) Veeger

Prof.dr. H.E.J. (DirkJan) Veeger



After obtaining his masters in Human Movement Sciences in 1984, DirkJan Veeger continued his studies in London, where he obtained his MSc in Ergonomics from University College London. 

Since 1986, DirkJan Veeger has been affiliated to the Department of Human Movement Sciences, where he received his PhD in 1992 on Biomechanics of Wheelchair Propulsion. From 2001 till 2020 he combined this affiliation with a part-time position at Delft University of Technology (which has been expanding over the years, culminating in a full time position early 2020) where he was appointed as Professor of Musculoskeletal Mechanics at the Biomedical Engineering Department in 2009. In 2014 DirkJan was also appointed as Professor of Biomechanics and Sports Engineering at the VU Amsterdam.

Since december 2014 until november 2022 he acted as chair of the Department of Biomechanics Engineering. From mid 2020 to november 2022 he combined this with the role of interim director of education of the faculty 3mE.
​​​​​​​Together with his colleague Jaap Harlaar he is responsible for a ProfEd online course on 3D Kinematics.

Most important research area is the relationship between structure and function of the human musculoskeletal system, with focus on the upper extremity.  Research topics are the relationship between wheelchair design and overuse injuries to the shoulder, or the effect of surgical interventions such as tendon transfers on muscle function and ADL. More recently, this has been extended with research topics in the field of sports, such as baseball pitching, skating technique and wheelchair basketball.


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