Dr. H.T. Remoy MSc

Dr. H.T. Remoy MSc



I am Hilde Remøy and I am Associate Professor of Real Estate Management at the Department of Management in the Built Environment, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). 

My research focuses on adaptive reuse as a sustainable real estate strategy. Adaptive reuse contributes to real estate strategies for aligning demand and supply of buildings, locations and portfolios. As most of the futures’ built environment already exists, adaptive reuse is important to achieve quality. In 2010, I completed my PhD research at TU Delft, focusing on conversion of vacant offices into housing. Within the broad topic of adaptive reuse, I focus on future use value, energy efficiency measures and circular adaptation, on the scale of the building, location and portfolio.


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Key Publications

  • Remøy, H. and E. Street (2018) The dynamics of “post-crisis” spatial planning: A comparative study. Land Use Policy 77, pp 811-820. Available online from  Land Use Policy
  • Wilkinson, S. and H.Remøy  eds (2018)  Building urban resilience through conversion adaptation. Oxford,  Blackwell Wiley.    
  • Remøy, H. and P. de Jong (2017) Conversion adaptation and Sustainable Real Estate, in Wilkinson, S.J., N. Miller and T. Dixon: Handbook of Sustainable Real Estate. London, Routledge, pp 346-356. 
  • Remøy, H. and S. Wilkinson (2017) Sustainable transformation in real estate developments through conversions, in Squires, G., E. Heurkens and R. Peiser: Routledge companion to real estate development. London, Routledge, pp 235-246. 
  • Remøy, H. (2010) Out of Office; a Study on the Cause of Office Vacancy and Transformation as a Means to Cope and Prevent. Delft, IOS Press.
Keywords:  Adaptive Reuse,  Retrofit,  Real Estate ManagementSustainable Building,  Urban Regeneration   

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