H. (Hesan) Ziar

H. (Hesan) Ziar



Hesan Ziar was born in 1988 in the north of Iran. He finished high school at the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) in 2006 in the field of Mathematics and Physics. He received PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran, in 2017 for his work on the probabilistic study of partial shading on photovoltaic (PV) modules carried out under the supervision of Prof. Shahrokh Farhangi. In the same year, he joined the photovoltaic material and devices (PVMD) group of the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, where he dived into several research activities related to photovoltaic systems as a postdoctoral researcher. Since November 2019, he is working as Assistant Professor in the PVMD group. Along the way, he has collaborated with several companies and research institutes within Dutch and/or European projects, such as INNOZOWA and TRUST PV. At the TU Delft, he gives lectures on Sustainable Energy Technologies and Photovoltaic Systems courses. Hesan Ziar has worked on a wide variety of topics related to photovoltaic systems, their modelling and applications and associated power electronics. His vision is that every surface in urban areas can potentially contribute to the sustainable energy transition.

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