Dr.ir. J.A. (John-Alan) Pascoe

Dr.ir. J.A. (John-Alan) Pascoe



John-Alan is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, within the Structural Integrity & Composites group. He was awarded a PhD degree from TU Delft in 2016, for his thesis on fatigue crack growth in adhesive bonds. He then spent two years at Imperial College London as a Research Associate, creating engineered micro-structures in carbon-fibre composites in order to improve their damage tolerance.


John-Alan is fascinated by the phenomena of fatigue and fracture, and especially by the interaction of mechanisms acting at different scales. His aim is to understand how material features at different levels influence the growth of cracks and other damage, and to use this knowledge to develop damage management concepts and engineer materials and structures to improve their failure behaviour. This may involve increasing a structure's strength or damage tolerance, but could also mean making damage more easy to detect, or making structural failure less sudden, so that users have the opportunity to take corrective action. Better understanding of damage mechanisms will also allow the development of new certification methodologies so that new innovations can be more quickly applied to primary (safety-critical) structures.

John-Alan's ultimate goal is to improve safety and structural efficiency in aerospace and other sectors, through methods and damage tolerant design concepts grounded in a thorough understanding of the fundamental physics.

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