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Juan Azcarate-Aguerre is an architect and building technologies engineer with academic and practical experience in Mexico, the USA, and the Netherlands. Between 2012 and 2014 he worked as BIM project coordinator at the headquarters of Gehry Technologies, in Los Angeles.

He is currently PhD researcher at TU Delft, where he works on the integration of building technologies, façade engineering, and real estate development and management through the practical implementation of Circular Economy principles.

He is also co-founder and managing partner at Gearcraft, a Rotterdam-based studio for building energy transformations, real estate investment, and property management.


Juan Azcarate-Aguerre is involved in a series of projects related to the development of new business models for the construction sector based on the principles of the Circular Economy. His field of expertise lies in the integration between building technologies, façade engineering, and real estate development and management. His research focuses on new forms of contracting, financing, and supply-chain organisation, to facilitate a more efficient use of energy and material resources in both new and building retrofitting projects.


Façade Leasing (a.k.a. Facades-as-a-Service)

The construction and renovation of building envelopes on non-residential buildings represents a significant fraction of a project’s life-cycle costs. It also has a determinant effect on the potential reduction in energy use, as well as on the improvement of a building’s indoor comfort. Nevertheless, the challenge of a low rate and depth in commercial building energy renovations cannot be solved through technological innovation alone. Instead, Façade Leasing proposes a systemic shift in economic and business incentives, towards the creation of a performance-based contracting model for integrated facades. 

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MOOC Engineering Design for a Circular Economy

The design of products is an important aspect of a circular economy. The circular economy approach addresses material supply challenges by keeping materials in use much longer and eventually returning materials for new use. The principle is that waste must be minimized. Products will be designed to last longer. They will be easier to Reuse, Repair, and Remanufacture. The product will eventually be broken down and Recycled. This is Design for R and is the focus of this course.

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Façades-as-a-Service: Realigning business incentives towards a circular façade industry. At Ecobuild conference 2018. Building performance panel. London, UK, 6th March 2018.

Façades-as-a-Service: Realigning business incentives towards a circular façade industry. At CAB Conference on Future Façade [Re]Manufacture. Warwick University, UK. 4th October 2017.

Realigning business incentives towards a circular façade industry: An interdisciplinary approach. At Future Envelope conference, 11th edition. TU Delft, NL. 22nd June 2017.

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