Dr.ir. J.F.L. (Hans) Goosen

Dr.ir. J.F.L. (Hans) Goosen



Hans Goosen is assistant professor in the Precision and Microsystem Engineering department of the faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering. As part of the Computational Design and Mechanics group he focuses on design of intergrated systems, multidomain effects and miniaturisation. He is the master coordinator of the High-Tech Engineering track of the Mechanical Engineering master.

Research Interests

My interests are the design of complex, integrated systems and their links with manufacture. High integration levels cause more interaction between mechanics and other fields, such as thermal, optics,  and electromagnetics. This offers possibilities for new functions, but also causes challenges in achieving high precision and accuracy. In particular in compact or miniaturised systems this interaction is of great influence. As the design is highly impacted by available manufacture techniques, all these aspects cannot be addressed separately but require an integrated design approach. Current efforts are directed at metamaterial based functions, micro robotics and meso-scale manufacture.

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