Ir. J. Sinke

Ir. J. Sinke



The expertise of Jos is related to the multidisciplinary approach of aerospace manufacturing challenges: the design, material and manufacturing processes are developed concurrently to obtain the best performance. His overview of processes and materials helps him to analyze the problems, transfer ideas from one domain to the other, and to provide solutions with high quality, accuracy and sustainability aspects in mind.


Jos Sinke obtained his Master degree in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft in 1986. Since then he worked at the faculty in different positions within the department “Aerospace Structures and Materials”. Currently he is Assistant Professor in the chair “Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies”.

His expertise is on workshop properties and manufacturing processes of metal alloys, hybrid materials, like Fiber Metal Laminates, and full composites.

During his career, he has worked on many projects. Some projects focused on the manufacturability of sheet metal parts, others aimed at the development of manufacturing techniques for tailor made sheets and blanks. For the hybrid materials he has been involved in many researches, like for the application of GLARE on the Airbus A-380 and aiming at the development of production processes for this class of materials. His later work focuses more on the development of techniques for continuous fiber thermoplastic composites.

Due to his experience he has a wide overview of manufacturing techniques and working principles of different classes of materials. This makes it interesting to investigate analogies between different domains. Another topic of his interest is to improve the accuracy of part making, thereby facilitating automatic processes in assembly lines.

Next to his research he is involved in education. He is responsible for several Courses, both in Bachelor and Master level, is supervisor for a number of MSc and PhD students, and is involved in several educational committees. Finally, he is also coordinator of the Honors Program of the Faculty.

Key Publications

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