J.W. (Willem) Haverkort

J.W. (Willem) Haverkort



My present research focuses primarily on alkaline water electrolysis for green hydrogen production. More generally, I investigate electrochemical reactors, typically involving mass transport, porous electrodes, and multiphase flows. Applications include electrolysers for hydrogen production and CO2-reduction, membraneless redox flow batteries, and fuel cells. I aim to improve understanding, optimize, and provide innovations for scaled-up designs through mathematical and computational modeling as well as through prototyping and experiments.



  • Assistant Professor, TU Delft, Jan 2017 – Present
  • Researcher Fluid Flow, Shell, May 2013 – Dec 2016
  • PhD candidate, DIFFER / CWI, Feb 2009 – Mar 2013
  • Bsc/MSc Applied Physics, TU Delft, 2002 – 2008
I have experience in a wide variety of industrially relevant fluid mechanics and physical transport topics as well as nuclear fusion plasma physics and magnetohydrodynamics. Topics I worked on include the rheology of complex suspensions, settling of droplets and particles, heat transport in flowing media, the propagation of ultrasound in multiphase systems, natural convection, foaming, tokamak nuclear fusion physics, arterial flows and the effect of magnetic fields on magnetic particles and bubbles and solids in conducting fluids. 

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