K. (Kateřina) Staňková

K. (Kateřina) Staňková



 I am a module manager and lecturer of the following MSc courses: 

  • Game theory and strategic decision making (TPM035A)
  • Health systems (3 ECs version - TPM036A, 5ECs version - TPM037A)
In the past, I designed and coordinated many courses, both mathematical ones (dynamic game theory, calculus, chaos & fractals, statistics, numerical mathematics) and more applied ones (evolution, selected topics of biomathematics, systems biology). I have supervised BSc and MSc students and PhD candidates in both theoretical and applied research. I was also a member of the Board of Examiners of for MSc programs “Systems Biology” and “Bio-Based Materials” at Maastricht University.


Current projects: 

  • (lead) European Training Network Evogamesplus: Evolutionary game theory and population dynamics - from theory to applications (http://www.evogamesplus.eu; Marie Sklodowska-Curie EvoGamesPlus grant agreement No. 955708)
  • (lead) NWO KLEIN2 project "Understanding cancer through evolutionary game theory and dynamic systems theory" (https://bit.ly/3kVnMh2; OCENW.KLEIN.277)
  • (lead)NWO VIDI project "ANTICANCER: Game Theory Empowered by Data Science and Control Theory to Improve Treatment of Metastatic Cancer" (https://www.tudelft.nl/en/2022/tbm/katerina-stankova-receives-vidi-grant; VI.Vidi.213.139) 
  • (applicant/team member) Health Convergence project "iCELL - Convergence in a dish: Individualized CELLular models of disease diversity in the population"

For my past projects, see www.stankova.net. 


I am a game theoretician who focuses on both theory of differential and evolutionary games and applying the new theory to solve real-world problems. In recent years, I have been focusing mostly on game-theory based treatments of metastatic cancers and persinalized treatment in general. Treatments developed through game theory are more effective and less toxic than standard of care.  Stackelberg evolutionary game theory that I develop may be equally influential for other domains, such as pest control, traffic control or for maintaining biological resources (e.g. fisheries or viral strains). 

Other activities

  • In editorial board of journals “Dynamic Games and Applications” and “Medical Oncology”
  • In “Tafel voor Wiskunde”, a body advising NWO in the mathematics domain


  • NWO Stairway to impact award 2020 (https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/news/nwo-awards-first-%E2%80%98stairway-impact%E2%80%99-prize-dr-kate%C5%99ina-sta%C5%88kov%C3%A1)
  • Co-lead of the winning team of the 2018 Mathematical Oncology Workshop (https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/news/kate%C5%99ina-sta%C5%88kov%C3%A1-and-team-win-50000-outsmart-thyroid-cancer)


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