M.H.A.A. (Mohamed) Abouelfotoh

M.H.A.A. (Mohamed) Abouelfotoh



Mohamed is a mechanical engineer. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Mansoura University (Egypt). He obtained his B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering in 2011 focusing on Energy Systems. His Bachelor’s thesis project concerned exploring and comparing various technologies for liquefaction of natural gas (LNG), in addition to creating a computer based thermodynamic model for an existing LNG plant in Egypt. After graduation he starting working in the energy/ power generation industry for one on the biggest power generation companies in Egypt. Mohamed started his professional career by being responsible for several heavy-duty gas and steam turbine projects (SIEMENS, and GE) including operation, commissioning, failure root cause analysis, fact-finding, inspections and overhauls. Developing further in his profession, he provided technical project management support for the Egypt-Siemens Megaproject 3x4800MW CCGT and 6600MW ultra-supercritical coal fired power plants, bearing the responsibility for supervising the main activities of the project (contract development/ management, commissioning and acceptance testing).   
His passion for energy inspired him to perform his Master's research in the field of Mechanical Engineering in Mansoura University. In 2017 he obtained his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in gas turbine based power plant process simulation and optimization, using actual data gathered from various power plants for results verification. In 2020, Mohamed joined the Propulsion and Power research group of the Aerospace Engineering Faculty of TU Delft as a Researcher. He currently works on the NEDEFA (Novel Electrically Driven Environmental Control System for Aircraft) project. His main objective is the design and realization of an experimental testing facility called the IRIS, which will allow for the testing of an innovative vapor compression system in multiple cycle configurations with multiple working fluids.


  • Gas Turbine Performance Analysis
  • Power Plant Performance Testing
  • Process Design/ Modeling
  • Project Management

Current Position

Researcher, Propulsion and Power,  Technische Universiteit Delft

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