M. (Maria) Novas Ferradas

M. (Maria) Novas Ferradas

Research profile

María Novas is a Galician doctoral candidate in the architecture program at the Universidad de Sevilla in Spain and a guest researcher at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. She holds an MSc in architecture from the Universidade da Coruña. In addition, Novas holds post-master’s degrees in Applied Research in Gender Studies (UJI) and Urban Regeneration (USC). During her work experience in the architectural field and as part of her academic research trajectory in the Universidad de Sevilla on 'History of Architecture and Architectural Theory: Cultural Studies, Social Management, and the Creative City', she has been involved in independent research and practice (Dexenero, Xarda) and international and situated collaborative projects (#MOREcongress, PEMAN). Moreover, Novas has collaborated with Galician public bodies and organisations on projects which deal with incorporating the critical eye of feminism into territories, as a question of social justice to improve the quality of the places we live in. 

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Ancillary activities