M.T. (Michiel) Kreutzer M.T. (Michiel) Kreutzer



Chemical engineering, chemical reaction engineering, transport phenomena, lab-on-a-chip, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer. 


Dr. Michiel Kreutzer studied chemical engineering at Groningen University and has a PhD in Applied Sciences from Delft, based on a thesis on multiphase chemical reactors. He has been a member of the faculty of Applied Sciences, department of Chemical Engineering, as assistant professor (2005), full professor (2008), department head (2014) and director of education (2018). Prof. Kreutzer has authored over a hundred publications on various aspects of chemical engineering, notably heat and mass transport, fluid mechanics and reactors, and he has taught these subjects in the undergraduate program Molecular Science & Technology and the graduate program Chemical Engineering. In 2020 he was dean of Science at Leiden University. Since 2021, he is department head of Architectural Engineering and Technology at the faculty of Architecture. 

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