M. Vermeer

M. Vermeer

Research profile


Security risk assessment, cyber data analytics


Mathew is a PhD researcher at the Organisation & Governance department of the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology. At Delft University of Technology, he has received both a BSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering, as well as a MSc degree in Computer Science with a cyber security specialization. His Master thesis was about intrusion detection systems and methods for their proper evaluation in real-world settings. 

In June of 2019 he joined the university as a PhD researcher. The focus of his work lies mainly on outcome-based risk assessment. He studies how an organization's exposure and incident data can be used to estimate its security level, and to which extent this estimated security level is predictive of future breaches. Additionally, he's looking into how external enterprise data can be leveraged in order to develop accurate outcome-based cyber security risk metrics.

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