Ing. P. (Peter) de Jong

Ing. P. (Peter) de Jong



The Solar Decathlon are projects fully in line with the teaching task. A group of students (MOR) transformed an office in Rotterdam (concept) to the highest possible level of sustainability, and take part in the exhibition in Szentendre (Hungary) in 2019, showing the prototype. Again rebuild in the Green Village, next to Pret-a-Loger. Now the SUM-project with a tenement flat re-purposing strategy to tackle social, economic and environmental challenges. This time we'll go to Wuppertal in Germany (2022).

City Deal Kennis Maken is a project in which, for the course BK6ON5, the management game, with a website the potential of collaboration between education and cities is illustrated.


I’m passionate about education in urban development. So, working at Management in the Built Environment at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft, allows me to do what I like most, the management game with 200-300 students per year on urban redevelopment. Coordination and tutoring the role of developer.

Furthermore, it is about Building Economics. The main focus is aiming at financial viability of buildings. In the second year of our architectural BSc this translates to cost awareness integrated in the design project (public building, renovation and adaptive reuse).

At the MSc the educational focus is on clients, market and location in a sustainable context, using life cycle analysis, with tall buildings as guilty pleasure. A lot of time and pleasure is for the graduates on themes related to the fields above.

Research is orientated at life cycle analysis, total cost of ownership and education in group work.

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