Ir. P.H.M. (Pierre) Jennen

Ir. P.H.M. (Pierre) Jennen



Academic teaching
Upon receiving his masters degree at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the TU Delft in 1999, Pierre Jennen got involved as a guest teacher for the Building Technology department. In 2017 after continuous teaching in diverse bachelor and master programs he became a staff member with the chair Design of Construction under supervision of Professor Ulrich Knaack, Department of Architectural Engineering and Technology.

Current teaching activities are:

MSc1 AR1A080 Building Engineering Studios, every year in the Fall Semester.
MSc2 AR2 Electives, as visiting critic on Circularity and Sustainable Design
MSc3 AR3 Graduation Studios, as research mentor for Timber Engineering, year round.
MSc4 AR4 Graduation Studios, as second mentor for Building Technology, year round.

Since 2014 Pierre Jennen initiated specialized technical building design studios and lectures on Timber Construction in cooperation with Gilbert Koskamp, Florian Eckardt and Paddy Tomesen.

Expertise and Architectural Practice Sustainable design, Circular design, Ecological design, Design of Timber Constructions, Carpentry

Starting already before graduation in 1996, Pierre Jennen is principal and founder of an office for architectural design and construction, Ontwerpstudio OvO. The office operates in the niche of ecological design under the motto: 100% more wood in construction!
In 2007 a collaboration started with Gilbert Koskamp which led to a continuation as Ssse | OvO associates architects, based in Amsterdam. The office has a strong focus on the process of making, varying from traditional carpentry to computer aided manufacturing. Most projects are sustainable, ecological and circular Timber buildings. The properties of Timber lead to an overall healthy living environment!

Curriculum Vitae
For Pierre’s CV, please go to:

TREE_TimberREengineered: New action at TU Delft: Started by Gilbert Koskamp and Pierre Jennen, both docents at TU Delft / Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, this blog targets the current and future developments in building with wood, being interested in research, education and building projects. And yes, it is about biobased, sustainability, circularity etc. – but this is logical with the material wood! So, to come: “Next generation of wood architecture – design and construction unthinkable without timber?”   TREE (

Ancillary activities

(2006-) Research in ‘Timber in Architecture’ and advisor for several architecture firms supporting the engineering design of Timber constructions.

(2010-2017) Foundation ‘Special Living’, advisor and board member .The Foundation is engaged in researching in small communities for elderly and disabled people.

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  • 2020


    A Palimpsest of Architectural Lives
    Angeliki Sioli / Willemijn Wilms Floet / P.H.M. Jennen