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Mr. Vaessen is experienced in (U)HVDC technology, Power Electronics and its applications. Since he joined KEMA he has been involved in realization as well as R&D of various T&D projects worldwide up to 1100kV DC and 400kV AC.

In the last 20 years he has been involved as senior and principal consultant in major HVDC and world record breaking 800kV and 1100kV UHVDC projects in China. He was also involved as consultant for HVDC cable projects for Elia (NEMO-link) and TenneT, notably BritNed, Randstad HVDC underground connection, and the "socket-in-the sea" - offshore HVDC connection for windfarms.

Mr. Vaessen has extensive experience in power (converter) transformer design review, modelling, diagnostic and monitoring systems. He is qualified in high voltage engineering, testing and measurements.

Mr. Vaessen contributed many years to the EU technology platform Smart Grids. He has been involved for more than 10 years in the European Network of Excellence on DER laboratories and is chairman of the board of the DER-lab e.V ( He is actively involved in the technology strategy of KEMA Labs  and has worked a lot for the Dutch ministry of economic affairs on position papers, technology roadmaps and setting up scientific research programs in the areas of power electronics (IOP EMVT) and future long-term reliability of the Dutch Electricity network.

Mr. Vaessen is an experienced lecturer on modern control systems and power engineering at the Arnhem HAN university of applied technology. He developed and delivered courses on digital signal processing, high voltage engineering, as well as many workshops on creative and innovative idea-generation for future grid structures. He successfully delivered trainings on power systems, Smart Grids and HVDC.

Mr. Vaessen successfully chaired and participated at international panel sessions and conferences, delivered numerous presentations, workshops and trainings, webinars, writes energy blogs “energy in transition” and published some 80 articles and papers. He is part-time professor Hybrid Transmission Systems at TU Delft and teaches high voltage technology and HVDC, furthermore he is guest lecturer for the HAN power minor and coached some 120 undergraduate students, bachelor, master and PhD. He is co-author of the book “rapid current, the next revolution in electricity”.


Peter Vaessen is part-time professor and interim manager of the High Voltage Technologies group. His chair is Hybrid Transmission Systems, and he teaches high voltage technology and HVDC. He is also manager innovations of KEMA Laboratories and actively involved in testing technology development. 

Peter Vaessen received a cum laude MSc degree in electrical power engineering from Eindhoven Technical University, The Netherlands in 1985. The same year he joined KEMA (now a CESI brand). In his 35-year career he held research positions in the field of large power transformers and high voltage measurement & testing. He headed the Transmission & Distribution high voltage department and managed realization projects, among them construction of Dutch 400kV substations and laboratory test facilities. As a principal consultant, he has 25 years’ experience in (U)HVDC technology and Transmission & Distribution grids with high shares of renewables. In  2017 he became part-time professor at TU Delft. 

Membership professional associations:

-          Chairman of the board of DERlab association

-          Chairman of the board of the Dutch Electromagnetic Power Technology group (EMVT-vereniging).

-          Associate editor of The International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grids

-          Advisory council member of the engineering faculty HAN University of applied science

-          Member of the advisory board of SEECE (Sustainable Electrical Energy Centre of Expertise), a cooperation of HAN and regional energy industry companies

-          Member of the organizing committee of the bi-annual International Conference on Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources (IRED)

-          Expert paper reviewer for EU, IEEE and Cigré

-          IEEE PES and Cigré member

-          Member of Cigré NSC B4, HVDC and Power Electronics


  •  High Voltage Technology 
  •  High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)
  •  High Voltage Testing 
  •  High Current Testing 
  • Test Laboratories 
  •  Power Transformers

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