R.A. (Robert) Gorny

R.A. (Robert) Gorny

Research profile

Robert Alexander Gorny is an architecture theorist and lecturer at the Chair of Methods of Analysis an Imagination, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft, where is teaching several research- and design-methodological courses. A graduate of the State Academy of Arts, Stuttgart (2009) and the Berlage Center for Advanced Studies, TU Delft (2014), his research aims at promoting more ecosystemic or machnic conceptions of (and approaches to) architectural arrangements.

Robert has recently defended his doctoral studies titled "A Flat Theory: Towards a Genealogy of Apartments, 1540–1752". Parts of this ongoing research are published and presented in topical essays such as “Towards a Relational Conception of Living Together/Apart” (2018), and several papers with a theoretical focus on architecture's technicity as a boundary-drawing practice, including “Reclaiming What Architecture Does” (2018), and "A Diagrammatic Cartography of Discourses on Architectures of Life and Death" (2021). 

Since 2016, he is a member of the editorial board of the peer-reviewed Dutch architecture theory journal Footprint. As editor for Footprint, he has co-edited an issue with a thematic focus on “Trans-Bodies / Queering Spaces” (Winter 2017), and is currently editing an issue focussing on "The Epiphylogenetic Turn" in the work of philosopher Bernard Stiegler (Spring 2022; forthcoming)

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