Dr. S.H. Hossein Nia Kani

Dr. S.H. Hossein Nia Kani



Hassan HosseinNia received his PhD degree with honor in electrical engineering specializing in automatic control form University of Extremadura, Spain in 2013. He is graduated form BSc degree in electrical engineering and the MSc degree in control engineering, from Iran in 2006, and 2008, respectively. His main research interests are in motion control and mechatronics design using fractional-order control, hybrid control, model predictive control, and iterative learning control. He has published more than 70 papers in international conferences, ISI journals, special issues, and chapters in book. He was also part of organizing committee in Forth IFAC workshop on fractional differentiation and its application, October 2010. Hassan has been working as lecturer-researcher at university of Extremadura after finishing his PhD until Feb. 2014, when he started to work as an R&D researcher at ABB corporate research in Sweden. There he was involved in enhanced model predictive project in continuation of a project reduced about 1% of electricity in whole Sweden. Since November 2014 he is appointed as an assistant professor at department of precession and microsystem engineering at TU Delft, The Netherlands.


  • Precision Motion Control
  • Precision Robotics
  • Iterative Learning Control
  • Hybrid Control
  • Reset Control Systems
  • Model Predictive Control
  • Fractional-Order System and Control
  • Nonlinear control (Sliding Mode Control, Back Stepping Control, Adaptive Control)


  1. Application of Model Predictive Control in Process Industry, Funded by: ABB Corporate Research Sweden, 2014
  2. Development of new techniques or fractional-order control in mechatronics: application to flexible arms, Funded by: Ministry of economics and competitive ness, 2013-2016
  3. Network control and coordination of autonomous vehicles using hybrid system modeling, Funded by: Ministry of science and innovation, 2008-2011
  4. Application of multi-body dynamics techniques to the design of active Orthosis, Funded by: Ministry of economics and competitive ness, 2009-2012


Selected Journal papers  (For more complete list of publication see:  scholar.google.nl/citations ):
  1. S.H. HosseinNia, I. Tejado, B.M. Vinagre, V. Milanés and J. Villagrá, Experimental Application of Hybrid Fractional Order Adaptive Cruise Control at Low Speed, IEEE transaction on control system technology, 2014.
  2. S.H. HosseinNia, R. Magin, B.M. Vinagre, Chaos in  Fractional and Integer Order NSG Systems, Signal Processing, 2014.
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  4. S.H. HosseinNia, I. Tejado, B.M. Vinagre, On the Stability of Fractional Order Switching Systems, Computer and mathematics with application, 66(5) (2013) 585-596.
  5. S.H. HosseinNia, I. Tejado and B.M. Vinagre, Fractional-Order Reset Control: Application to a Servomotor, Mechatronics, 23(7) (2013) 781–788.
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  • 2013: Obtained his PhD  with honor (Cum Laude).
  • 2010: Obtained a 4-year PhD scholarship form University of Extremadura, Spain.
  • 2008: Selected as a member of National foundation of elites.
  • 2008: Selected as a distinguished student consistently MSc studies.

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