S. (Stephan) Huber

S. (Stephan) Huber

Research interests

Stephan is interested in understanding how policy is innovated across the dimensions of invention, diffusion and evaluation, in order to accelerate energy and sustainability transitions.  As complexity is rising along with multiple crisis that involve several jurisdictions, in his PhD he will investigate preconditions of successful policy integration. Another focus will be on how recent usage of economic modelling and ex-ante impact assessment influences policy design and how these methods can be informed by insights from ex-post evaluation. His research is part of the EU Horizon project DECIPHER: Decision-making framework and processes for holistic evaluation of environmental and climate policies.

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Academic background

Stephan completed his master degree in Sustainability Science from Stockholm Resilience Center. In his master thesis he mapped discourses and expert-based information in the German coal phase-out to illustrate how a better understanding of policy processes could help develop sustainability transformations. He further holds a bachelor degree in Geography and Sociology from LMU Munich.

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