Dr. S.L.M. (Stef) Lhermitte

Dr. S.L.M. (Stef) Lhermitte



Stef Lhermitte is a remote sensing scientist with specific interest in the use of multi-source remote sensing and land surface modelling to assess cryosphere, atmosphere and ecosystem dynamics. Since 2016 he is assistant professor Geoscience & Remote Sensing at TUDelft, after obtaining a PhD in bioscience engineering at KULeuven, Belgium, and several international post-docs positions (CEAZA, KNMI, KULeuven), where he worked on broad range of remote sensing technologies in a variety of applications ranging from cryospheric and atmospheric sciences to ecology and hydrology. Now he focuses on the development of innovative remote sensing methods for assessing land-atmosphere interactions in order to assess the effect of climate (change) on the cryosphere, ecosystem dynamics, the hydrological cycle, sea level rise, etc. and their feedbacks on (future) climate.


The earthmapps.io team under supervision of Stef Lhermitte, focuses on the use of multi-source satellite imagery to assess land-atmosphere interactions. Our research aims at developing innovative remote sensing methods for quantifying the effect of climate (change) on snow/ice, vegetation dynamics, etc. and determine their (climate) feedbacks. We work on big data solutions and machine learning techniques to bridge the gap between remote sensing technology and its (scientific) applications.
Technologically we work on the interface between multi-source satellite imagery, radiative transfer models, land-surface models (e.g. snowmodels) and climate models. Within this framework we aim at developing and integrating innovative methodologies to assess the Earth's surface properties, mainly snow/ice and vegetation related, and understand their complex spatio-temporal response to climate. These methodologies range from improved data processing and data machine learning, to big data solutions and time series analysis (e.g. tipping points)

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