Dr.ir. T. Horeman

Dr.ir. T. Horeman



Dr.Ir.ing Tim Horeman is Associate Professor in Sustainable Surgery & Translational technology and Academic Portfolio Director (APD)-Medical technology (extension school 3.0) at the Delft University of technology. Tim has ample experience in objective assessment of surgical skills and surgical instrument functioning based on interaction force, instrument motion and other data sources. Lately, Tim is leading the development of a new generation of sustainable surgical instruments for advanced (robot)surgery that should foster the introduction of more functional instruments in less wealthy parts of the world. As it is essential to bring live saving surgical innovations in reach of our surgeons and healthcare workers, Tim became a distinguished serial Medtech Entrepreneur with a strong focus on surgical devices. As such, he is PI and (co) founder of the international operating companies GreenCycl, MediShield & ForceSense, Surge-on Medical and SuperSeton that brought multiple innovations to the worldwide market of surgical equipment. Tim is (co) author of over 70 journal publications, inventor on 18 patents and PI on multiple international research projects in the field of Robotic surgery, surgical instruments, sustaimable surgery, SMART implants, global instruments and Minimally Invasive Surgery. In 2016, Tim was awarded with the Dutch (royal) engineer of the year award for his contributions to the healthcare society and in 2018 and again in 2022, Tim was elected as Tech Committee member of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery.

·    Research grant Award, EAES 2023

·    “OR ready” award for saver Veress PLUS first access, SMIT 2022
·    Research grant Award, EAES 2020

·    Pharma Trend Award Germany “Most Innovative product” (Steerabe Punch), Pharma 2019

·       Best research Award (PhD student), NVEC 2018

·       Athanasiou Award for best submission ABME 2017-2018

·       Best Technology Award (PhD student), EAES Frankfurt 2017

·       Royal Prins Friso “Engineer of the year award”, The Netherlands 2016

·       Finalist & Runner up 3-in-5 competition DMD USA 2015

·     Public award - Entrepreneurial Scientist Award DESA 2012-2013, Delft 2013

·   Runner up Delft Entrepreneurial Scientist Award DESA 2012-2013, Delft 2013

·      Top 50 best young professionals, 4th place technology, The Netherlands 2011-2012 and 2012-2013

·       1st place sustainable healthcare challenge, Nijenrode 2013

·       2nd place Eureka Mega Challenge, Utrecht 2013

·   Daniel F. Kott Award for the Best New Instrumentation - Las Vegas AAGL 2011

·       SMIT Young investigator award, Trondheim 2011

·       Best business idea New Venture & Best feasibility study New Venture, Nijenrode 2009

·       Finalist Philips Innovation Award (PHIA), Rotterdam 2008

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