V. (Vinay) Damodaran

V. (Vinay) Damodaran



My research is focused on using computational and experimental methods to enhance properties of structural materials. Understanding the evolution of mechanical properties of materials during processing and service allows us to tailor the manufacturing and design of materials to exploit their maximum potential. My work lies at the intersection of solid mechanics, computational mechanics, and digital manufacturing.


I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in Shaping Matter Lab as part of Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies in the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. My work focuses on developing tools and methods to produce optimized composites that are fully recyclable while achieving similar mechanical properties as carbon fiber composites.
I received my PhD from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in May 2021 and my thesis was on improving damage tolerance of composites using additive manufacturing.
Prior to my PhD, I received my masters in structural engineering from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, and my bachelors in civil engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka - Surathkal, India.

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