V. (Viswambher) Kambhampati MSc

V. (Viswambher) Kambhampati MSc



Viswambher (Vishwa) is a PhD student in the wind energy research group of TU Delft with Crosswinds (a joint venture between Sheel and Eneco) as his industry partner. With a bachelor's degree in Electrical engineering,  and a passion for energy transition he moved to the Netherlands to pursue an MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology at TU Delft. He focused on system integration, energy economics, and photovoltaic systems. To contribute to the global energy transition, he is currently pursuing research on system-level integration of offshore wind energy in multiple european energy markets. During his PhD, he would be exploring multiple innovations (floating solar, battery, and hydrogen storage) and develop a Multidisciplinary design analysis and Optimization framework to evaluate the options to maximize the market value of hybrid offshore wind farms.

Vishwa is a jack of all trades, his other interests lie in sports (cricket and squash), games (chess), adventure sports (long distance cycling, hiking), and also reads a bit. He intends to climb mount everest one day! He also enjoys solving puzzles, teaching quantitative aptitude, and fast math calculations. Finally, he loves traveling and wishes to travel the whole world someday.


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