Prof. W.R. (Bill) Rossen

Prof. W.R. (Bill) Rossen


Research on multiphase flow through porous geological formations, including fractures, and simplified modeling of displacement processes.  In particular, applications of foam injection into geological formations. 


In 2020 I gave a lecture in the GeoScience and GeoEnergy Webinar series hosted by colleagues at TU Delft and Heriot-Watt U. One of the main themes is the surprises that come in doing research. The talk is available for viewing here.

In 2013 I wrote an article "Surface Physics Illustrated in the Operation of a Lava Lamp" for our Department student yearbook.

When one is appointed Professor at Delft University of Technology, one gives an introductory lecture (Intreerede) summarizing one's view one's field of research.  I choose to give some reflections on the tension between complexity and simplicity in our modeling of complex phenomena in nature. The text should be read along with the slides; the slides are referred to by number in the text. Click to view text. Click to view slides.

In 2010 I was invited to write a short essay for the SPE publication for young professionals, The Way Ahead. I chose as a topic, "Should I Consider Graduate School?" Click to view text.

Reflections on teaching:

  • Link to film interview when I was a candidate for Best Teacher of TU Delft in 2011.  After the award I was interviewed for TU Delft highlights.
  • Slides from a presentation I made in 2014 on my thoughts on University engineering education.
  • I wrote an article for the 2021 yearbook of the Mjnbouwkundige Vereeniging on adaptations I've made to the BSc course in Physical Transport Phenomena to incorporate applications to geothermal research.
  • for TU Delft highlights.

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