W. de Jong W. de Jong



Reactor engineering, process integration, process and reactor scale-up, thermo-chemical conversion of biomass, synthesis gas cleaning and upgrading, (electro-)chemical conversion of CO2.


Current projects:

'Power-to-FA', RvO (NL) electrochemical conversion of CO2 to formic acid, reactor modelling, testing, electrocatalysis modelling (DFT)

Scale-up of the 'Battolyzer', electrolysis of water (internally financed)

'BRISK-2' (EU) fluidized bed biomass gasification and biomass characterization

'IH-BFBG' (NL) development of a novel type of biomass gasifier for the production of substitute natural gas

'SuperValue' (EU) supercritical water gasification, process simulation and system integration including LCA studies.

'HeatPIe' (NL) integration of rotating heat pipes in steel strip reheating and annealing


Wiebren de Jong currently is full  professor of Large-Scale Energy storage at the department Process & Energy (faculty 3mE). In this area he investigates different novel process concepts to store electricity in fuels and bulk chemicals with an emphasis on scale-up of these processes and integration with biomass conversion. He investigates conversion and storage processes including (bio-)CO2 utilization together with hydrogen.  

He studied chemical engineering at Twente University and subsequently followed a PDEng in process technology (deign) in the same university . After a post-graduate period at Stuttgart University (Germany), he started a PhD study in the field of biomass gasification at Delft University of Technology, followed by an assistant and associate professorship there in the Energy Technology section (3mE) in the field of biomass to syngas conversion and biorefinery. .

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Ancillary activities