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Yoeri Dijkstra is a postdoctoral researcher at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) investigating salinity and sediment dynamics in estuaries. The focus of his work is on modelling large-scale changes in estuarine dynamics in response to alterations (deepening, widening, etc.) of the estuary, climate change (sea level rise and changing fresh water discharge) and seasonal dynamics. To study this, he has developed the iFlow modelling framework, an idealised model designed to systematically study (non-linear) physical processes and the sensitivity to different parameterisations. Besides a broad interest in physical processes in estuaries, he has a particular interest in complex mathematical behaviour (e.g. feedbacks and bifurcations) related to these processes.

 Yoeri received his PhD Cum Laude from Delft University of Technology on the subject of regime shifts in sediment concentrations in estuaries (thesis downloadable from repository.tudelft.nl/islandora/object/uuid%3A28e12122-9c63-4260-aa87-b9e8f7de35fe). He furthermore has double BSc and MSc degrees in Civil Engineering (Specialisation Environmental Fluid Mechanics) and Applied Mathematics (Specialisation Computational Science and Engineering). During his Master programme he has worked on improving the numerical accuracy of the k-ε model, diagnostic decomposition of salt fluxes in complex models and developing a renewed framework for ESCO circulation (previously tidal straining).


2015 - Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities. National award for best Master’s thesis in the field of Applied Mathematics of 2014/2015

2009 - Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities. National talent award for highest marks in the first year BSc Civil Engineering

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