Quality of Education

The faculty of ME considers the quality of education an important topic. Therefore, the faculty uses a system for quality management, consisting of various instruments to monitor the quality of education.

In order to use these instruments optimally, we need the cooperation of all students and staff. The quality of education at ME is our responsibility, but certainly also your concern!

Courses are evaluated with a standard questionnaire once every three years. However, in case of problems within a course, we consult the people involved and decide whether additional evaluation moments or instruments are needed.

After the evaluation, the course coordinator proposes a plan of improvement. Evaluation results and action plans are published on Brightspace.

During the year, we will also publish posters at various locations in the faculty to keep you updated on the latest evaluation results.

If you have any questions, please contact the quality assurance team of ME: onderwijsevaluatie-3mE@tudelft.nl.