Elective Design Studios

All MSc2 elective design studios are listed below. These elective design studios are not only Architecture approved projects, but can be taken by, or, are specifically intended for students from other tracks as well.

Academic year 2023 - 2024


  • AR0227           Infrastructure and Environment Design
  • AR0139           MEGA
  • AR0143           Sustainability project - design and elaboration
  • AR0149           ON SITE: Landscape architectural explorations
  • AR0167           Architecture and Urban Design
  • AR0177           The Why Factory* 
  • AR0226           Urban and Infrastructure (Re)development Game
  • AR2DC010      Architectural Design Crossovers Studio*
  • AR2MET011    Designing with others*


  • AR0142           EXTREME Technology
  • AR0194           Bucky Lab A*
  • AR0216           Towards an Inclusive Living Environment*
  • AR0682           Heritage and Architecture Design Studio: Research and Architectural Design*
  • AR2AD012      MSc2 Dwelling Design Studio 'Global Housing'*
  • AR2AI011        Interiors Buildings Cities MSc2 Design Project*
  • AR2AP010      MSc2 Public Building Design Studio Multiplicity and Identity*
  • AR2BO010      Borders and Territories International Design Studio*
  • AR2CP011      MSc2 Complex Projects Design and Research Studio*
  • AR2FO010      The Delta Shelter*
  • AR2UA020      Urban Architecture MSc2 design studio*
  • AR2HA020      Urban Archipelago (for A and U students only)*
  • AR2MM001     Building Ideologies Freedom*
  • AR2AA015      Architectural Design Studio (topic to be announced in fall)*
  • AR2AA016      Architectural Design Studio (topic to be announced in fall)*
  • AR2AA017      Architectural Design Studio (topic to be announced in fall)*


  • AR0897           Van Gezel tot Meester (Dutch only)* 
  • AR2AT021       Architectural Technicities Design Studio
  • AR2FST010    Studio 'High-Rise Culture'*
  • AR0144           BK-Launch Studio

More information:

  • For detailed information, see Study Guide.
  • Studios with an * present their topic during the Studio Information Meetings organized twice a year by the track Architecture prior to the start of the fall and spring enrolment periods in BIS. Date, time, and location of the Studio Information Meetings will be announced via Brightspace.