Faculty Student Council

What is the FSC?
In Dutch law, students have been given the right to have an opinion about their own education. The Faculty Student Council, abbreviated to FSC, is the embodiment of the student’s voice. Organised for and by students, members of the council make use of their right of consent, advice and initiative to influence the policy of their faculty. The FSC always strives to get as much input from students as possible. Only then can we effectively and adequately represent the student body of Bouwkunde. So don’t hesitate to contact us!

What can the FSC mean for you, as a student?
The FSC stands for - and therefore enforces - the best education for all students. So if you, as a student, experience a problem with a particular course or have any questions concerning your study, the FSC will make sure your issue is resolved. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Also, if you ever have any suggestions on how the faculty could improve, please let the FSC know! 

Who are in the FSC and what do we do?
Every year in May, students can apply to be in the FSC, who then will be put up for election to be in the council. From the election, nine people are elected to represent the students of the faculty. There are a number of different roles in the FSC, ranging from being in the Bachelor Portfolio to being in charge of sustainability.

This year the FSC consists of:

Franka de Jong

Chair, Student Initiative

Anna Shishkina

Secretary, FO

Daria Khramova


Eda Akaltun

Faculty & Sustainability, BK Education

Gabriël Bani

Master & Bridging Portfolio, OC

Maxime Lugtenburg

Bachelor Portfolio & BK Green



The FSC meets with the dean once every six weeks, during which we will discuss all relevant topics concerning the students and the faculty. The student’s opinion on such topics will be gathered with, for example, surveys or input lunches. Besides these meetings the FSC of Bouwkunde is involved with many other parties, such as all the other FSC’s of the TU Delft, Stylos, and the master associations Argus, BOSS, Polis, BouT and Forum. 

So, most importantly, how can you reach out?
The FSC office is located on the very top of the Orange Stairs (01.Oost.810) in the Oostserre. Feel free to stop by! Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated on all our events and see what we’re working on! Lastly, you can always just send us an email if you need us (FSC-BK@tudelft.nl)! 

We would love to hear all your complaints, ideas and input! Let your voice be heard!