Study Progress Report

The Study Progress Report (SPR) indicates your examination program for the Bachelor's or Master's degree programme. For pre-master students, the SVO provides an overview of the courses of the pre-master's program and for students who have been admitted through the Inschalingscommissie, the SPR displays the Inschalingsgrogramma. You can find your SPR via or the MyTUDelft app (formerly Osiris). 

After admission to the Master's programme, your Master's SPR will be created for you. This will be available to you in MyTUDelft (formerly Osiris) 1 to 2 months after the start of education. Make sure your SVO is in order. So, if you have taken electives and would like to have them included in your programme, please send a request to Your SPR is the basis for checking whether you meet the admission requirements at the various reference points in the Master's programme, whether you have completed your Bachelor's or Master's program and whether you can apply for your diploma.

!! Pay attention to the following things !!


  • A file overview is not the same as your SPR: always check your SPR. (The file overview shows all your achieved results, regardless of whether they are part of your program).
  • Your SPR should only contain the subjects that you have passed and those that you still have to take; there may no longer be old unfinished courses in your SVO that can no longer be retaken.
  • A program is only considered completed when in MyTUDelft it says YES; the points under “other” do not count! These may still need to be put in the right place.


  • Results only count if they are assigned to the correct program; For the Bachelor self-composed minor courses you must submit a self-composed minor application to the Examination Board in advance via The form can be found on the minor information page.


  • In order to participate in Master's education and for your results to count towards your Master's programme, you must have a Master's registration as a student. You must also have a Master's SPR in MyTUDelft. Results for Master's courses that you obtain without Master's registration do not count towards your Master's degree.
  • Your Master SPR is drawn up on the basis of the design course of Master 1 or 3 for which you register. In case of changes in the design course in Master 1 or 3, you must inform the Study Program Administration (SPA), so that they can adjust your Master SVO.
  • To have electives included in your free electives, you must use the 'Master Electives List'. The form can be found on the bottom of this page.
  • Courses can be added to the elective part of the programme as long as there is room for this in your Master's programme. Is the elective space 10 EC and you have taken elective courses for 15 EC, then you can request to register the extra courses you have passed as “additional subjects”. You send your request for this to the  via the ‘Certificate of Incorporation’. This form can also be found at the bottom of this page.

StudyProgressReport incorrect

If your SVO is not correct, please contact the Study Program Administration as soon as possible via the e-mail address: In your e-mail to SPA, clearly indicate what you think is incorrect and what needs to be adjusted. They will then check this for you and adjust it if necessary. Always state your student number.

Moving on from Bachelor to Master within the Faculty of Architecture

If you want to continue on to a Master's degree program at the Faculty of Architecture after your Bachelor's degree in Architecture, you must have completed all courses from your Bachelor's program and all grades must be correct in your SVO. When this is in order, you can apply for your Bachelor's degree. You must also submit a request for a Master's registration via Studielink. When your Bachelor's degree application has been fully processed, your Master's registration will be validated.