As of mid-June the enrolments will be processed. Provided that all the requirements of the study program and (the digital authorization to pay) the tuition fees has been processed, you will be enrolled at the latest end of August.

Request for enrolment

  • If you wish to be admitted to TU Delft on the basis of a Dutch diploma (also: Bonaire) you have to apply through Studielink.
  • If you wish to be admitted to TU Delft on the basis of a Non-Dutch diploma (also: International Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate, regardless the location of graduation) start your application through the Admission & Mobility before 1 April.
  • If you would like to apply to a Bachelor of Science <link en education admission-and-application bsc-international>Quota study please register before 15 January in Studielink.
  • If you would like to apply to a  Bachelor of Science <link en education admission-and-application bsc-international>Quota study programme with an International Secondary School diploma (for example International Baccalaureat or European Baccalaureat  regardless of where you will receive your diploma),  you need to apply via Studielink as well as through Admission & Mobility (with a complete application file) before 15 January


First of all you need to register with Studielink, which helps you to organize your enrolment easily, clearly and quickly. But even after registering with Studielink this still does not mean you are enrolled at TU Delft.

You are officially enrolled after meeting all the requirements of the study programme and after the digital authorization to pay the tuition fees has been processed. See Conditions and Liability of the TU Delft. Once your enrolment process has been completed TU Delft you can down laod a Proof of Enrolment via MyTUDelft. You need to login with your Netid. Below your ‚ÄúPersonal details‚ÄĚ you click on ‚ÄúStatus registration for degree programme‚ÄĚ.

Final deadline

In order to prevent problems with completion of your enrolment per 1 September, we strongly request you to carry out the enrolment and to make the required payments before 31 August or before 31 January when you start in February.

Registration after 1 September is in principal not possible.

  • Send a reasoned request for enrolment as per February to late-enrolment@tudelft.nl
  • A person who is not enrolled but makes use of educational or examination facilities is required to pay compensation. At TU Delft this is set at ‚ā¨ 100,00 for each month that the person should rightfully have been enrolled plus the tuition fees owing for this period.
  • Students who graduated for a Bachelor's degree or Bridging programme that connects to the Master's programme, are allowed to enroll for a Masters programme (even after a break), without asking for permission for this late enrolment. This does not apply to students who already have begun their Master.

Retroactive enrolment in another month is not possible.

To learn more about admission please consult the Student Charter or contact the Contact Centre.


You should be aware that if your enrolment and required payment are not carried out on time, this will have financial consequences for your Student Grant and your public transport season ticket. For more information on this issue visit the DUO website.