Enrolling as a minor student (guest student)

You may wish to take a single subject (bijvak) that is not provided by the institution of higher learning where you are taking your main degree programme or you like to do a minor offered by the TU Delft. It is possible to enrol for a second degree programme at the TU Delft

This is important to a "guest student":

  • Hand in a hard copy of the proof of paid tuition fees (in Dutch: BBC) at Contact Centre from the other institution, stating what amount of tuition fees have been paid for your enrolment, your type of enrolment and for what period.
  • Hand in at Contract Centre a declaration from the Board of Examiners of the other institution, stating that the subject to be taken is not taught at this institution but does form part of the examination to be taken.
  • When you hand in a the declaration from the Board of Examiners, you don't need to show that you meet the requirements of physics and mathematics.
  • You will not obtain a degree diploma.

Te be enrolled as a minor student you will receive an e-mail stating for which minor you have been either registered or placed on a waiting list. See the website for more information.

When you follow one of the 4TU degree programmes or one of the bachelor programmes of Clinical Technology, Life Science and Technology, Molecular Science and Technology,  or the master programmes of Industrial Ecology and Nanobiology then this applies to you:

  • When you have an enrolment at one of the 4TU degree programmes at TU Eindhoven, University Twente, Wageningen University & Research or TU Delft,  a registration at the other universities will be made automatically. When re-enrolling in Studielink, the student must indicate for himself which institutions he/she wants to enroll with.
  • When you enrol for the bachelor programme Clinical Technology or the master programme of Nanobiology you will have to register and pay tuition fee at TU Delft.
  • When you want to enrol for the bachelor programme of Molecular Science and Technology and the master programme of Industrial Ecology you will have to register yourself and pay the tuition fee at Leiden University through Studielink. A registration at TU Delft will be made automatically.
  • When you want to enrol for the bachelor programme of Life Science and Technology you will have to register yourself and pay the tuition fee at TU Delft through Studielink. A registration at Leiden University will be made automatically.

Registration through Studielink

  • By “Educational institution” choose “Technische universiteit Delft"
  • By “Fill in study programme and/or location” fill in “guest” or “minor”
  • Choose your educational programme