Proof of Enrolment

As confirmation of your enrolment you can download the digital Proof of Enrolment through Osiris.

Please follow the next steps to download this document:

When can you find the digital Proof Enrolment?

As soon as your (re) enrolment is completed, you will find the digital Proof of Enrolment on Osiris. This means:

  • You made a request for (re) enrolment
  • You meet all requirements to be admitted
  • You arranged your payment in time

After verifying these steps the Student Administration, Enrolment & Finance complete the (re)enrolment. TU Delft will not sent the Proof of Enrolment to your home address.
When you cannot download the Proof of Enrolment through Osiris please contact the Contact Centre.
You will be issued a student card.

Please check your Proof of Enrolment to ensure that the information is correct. If anything is incorrect, please contact the Contact Centre.

Certificate of enrollment

A Certificate of Enrollment, also called a digital proof of enrollment (D-BvI) can be downloaded from Osiris student. For more information about the D-BvI click here.

You can obtain a D-BvI from the Contact Center of Education & Student Affairs via The following information is included in the statement. Additional information regarding your study programme cannot be added.

• Education
• Nominal duration
• Type of enrolment
• Start date
• End date
• Optional: Tuition fees, collection costs and payment details or reimbursement and payment details