The CampusCard serves as a means of identification with which you can make use of the services of the Library TU Delft and X (before: Unit Sport & Culture). It also serves as access control for certain buildings and printing and locker facilities. The CampusCard must be able to be shown when participating in educational or examination facilities. If you can not show the card, you can decide to exclude participation.

Student Card

Once you have met the enrolment requirements you will be issued with a student card. The student card is a combination of the CampusCard (one time only) and the Proof of Enrolment, which you can download through MyTUDelft.

Distribution of CampusCard 2020-2021

You will receive an e-mail* when your CampusCard is ready and can be picked up.

The following order must be maintained:

Complete registration and correct passport photo:



Tuesday 6 October

From Monday 12 October



At the Service Desk of your faculty

After 1 November


At the Contact Centre (you need to make an appointment for this via

We recommend that you pick up your CampusCard as soon as possible. If you are not able to collect your CampusCard, your CampusCard will be taken to the following pick-up possibility.


*: Didn't receive an email? Then your CampusCard is not ready yet. See the above dates for when your CampusCard can be picked up.


Printing credits

Visit for more information.

Passport photo

The CampusCard includes a digitized passport photo (in JPG/JPEG) which you, can upload via your NetID on You will receive notice when your CampusCard can be collected.

Duplicate card

Are you a student already? In case your CampusCard is lost or damaged you can request a duplicate. Please turn to the Contact Centre, building 30a, Jaffalaan 9a (current opening hours can be found here). You do need to show your passport or ID card. A replacement card costs €7 and can only be paid with your debit card. In case of theft you don't have to pay for the CampusCard. Please bring the police report with you.