Conditions and Liability

TU Delft takes great care to monitor and ensure the safety of students during their study activities. However, an accident can never be completely ruled out. Activities conducted by students in the buildings, laboratories and workplaces of Delft University of Technology can involve the danger of incurring physical harm.

Carrying out experiments is never fully free of risk and unexpected events with harmful consequences may occur during academic work. In general TU Delft can not be held liable for harm incurred by a student.

Payment authorization
In order to remove all uncertainties regarding this issue you should sign the digital authorization form for payment of tuition- or examination fees, whereby you declare among other things that:

  • once you are enrolled for the degree programme or examinations at the university, you will observe the regulations and instructions issued at the university with regard to safety;
  • you are aware that the university is not liable for harm incurred by students;
  • you will use the computer equipment (hardware, software, programmes and accompanying documentation) supplied to you by the university in the framework of your studies only in accordance with the instructions issued by the university and that you will not copy this software and documentation;
  • you have completed the payment form truthfully.

With regard to the consequences of bodily injury we strongly recommend you to arrange appropriate accident insurance cover. You can obtain more information about this at: