Profiling Fund Scheme: Unforeseen circumstances

When are you eligible for financial assistance from the Profiling Fund?

You are eligible for financial assistance from the Profiling Fund when you experience study delay due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e. a situation that is beyond your control. The Profiling Fund acknowledges the following circumstances:

  • Illness or pregnancy and childbirth
  • Exceptional family circumstances
  • Physical, sensory or other functional disabilities
    TU Delft offers various provisions for those studying with a functional disability. The academic counsellor from your degree programme/faculty will be able to provide you with information about these provisions. Alternatively, you can contact Career & Counselling Services for studying with a disability.
  • Inadequate study programme
    The degree programme is structured in such a way that this results in study delay. For example, if it is no longer possible to follow and/or complete courses, or if examinations are not sequential.

If your unforeseen circumstances are expected to continue for six months or longer, you are advised to consult with your academic counsellor regarding the possibility of (temporarily) terminating your enrolment.

What are you entitled to?

If your study delay is due to unforeseen circumstances, you eligible to a maximum of 12 months of financial assistance from the Profiling Fund. You are required to be enrolled at TU Delft while receiving this assistance.

How do you apply for financial assistance from the Profiling Fund?

Step 1:
Academic counsellor

Stap 2:

If you are faced with unforeseen circumstances resulting in study delay, contact your degree programme/faculty academic counsellor as soon as possible.  
Contact your academic counsellor within a maximum of three months of the occurrence of the unforeseen circumstances. If you report the circumstances beyond your control after three months, the financial assistance offered to you will be reduced.

For the acknowledgement of the unforeseen circumstances, you need to submit several documents to the Contact Centre. See for a complete list the Profiling Fund application form

  • Statement from your academic counsellor
    This statement needs to confirm that your study progress, the potential termination of your enrolment and the extent of your study delay have been discussed. 
  • If required, a statement from the student doctor or student psychologist.