Profiling Fund Scheme: Unforeseen circumstances

When are you eligible for financial assistance from the Profiling Fund?

You are eligible for financial assistance from the Profiling Fund if your study delay occurs within the period of the performance grant (EU students) or within the nominal study duration (non-EU students) as a result of a situation that you cannot control yourself; a situation of force majeure or an unforeseen circumstance. The Profiling Fund acknowledges the following circumstances:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Illness or physical, sensory or other functional disabilities.
    In medical or psychological circumstances, TU Delft offers you various facilities when you study with a disability. Information about these facilities is best obtained from the academic counsellor of your degree programme / faculty. You can also contact Career & Counselling Services for studying with a disability.
  • Exceptional family circumstances.
  • Inadequate study programme.
    The degree programme is structured in such a way that this results in study delay. For example, if it is no longer possible to follow and/or complete courses, or if examinations are not sequential
  • Other, including elite sports.

If your unforeseen circumstances are expected to continue for six months or longer, you are advised to consult with your academic counsellor regarding the possibility of (temporarily) terminating your enrolment.

For more information, see the TU Delft Profiling Fund Scheme 2021.

Pay attention! The Regulation came into effect per 1 September 2021 and contains a number of changes that have been adjusted below. The new Regulation applies to a situation that continues after 31 August 2021. If your delay lasts until 31 August 2021, the old Profiling Fund Scheme still applies.
In case of doubt, please contact us via

How do you apply for financial assistance from the Profiling Fund?

Follow the steps below to make the process run smoothly:

  1. Contact your academic counsellor as soon as possible. At the latest within three months after the delay occurred. Do this before the end of the performance grant or - for an international student - before the end of the nominal study duration. This prevents you from submitting the application too late and from beging deducted from recognised/payable RPF months. In case of doubt, please contact us in time via 
  2. Complete the application form and carefully read the manual on the back of the form.
  3. Submit the necessary attachments with the application form.
    A request for financial assistance will be processed as soon as the application is complete.
  4. We aim to reach a decision within 8 weeks.

If you want to request a facility from DUO, click here for more information (only available in Dutch).


  • Payment will be made at the end of the performance grant periode, including any extension by one year by DUO ("Verlenging Prestatiebeurs"). For international students without a student grant, payment will be made after the nominal study duration.
  • As long as you receive payment, you must remain registered as a full-time student at TU Delft.