Grade Point Average statement TU Delft

Sometimes the application processes for Master's degrees abroad, for grants and for jobs, can require the Grade Point Average (GPA) of your degree programme. What is this, how is it calculated, and how do you get it?

What is it?

The GPA is determined by the average of your final results, weighted according to credits. It is expressed in grade points to two decimal. A GPA comprises the final results (numerals only) achieved at the end of modules. Naturally in the case of resits, only the higher mark is used.

How is it calculated?

Your GPA is the average of the results you achieved in fulfilment of the requirements for your degree. This means that results achieved in any additional modules are not included as these are not part of your study programme.

Results achieved in the Honours Programme are not included in your GPA as it is an extracurricular programme.

GPAs are not issued for bridging programmes.

How do I request a GPA?

For a GPA statement you can contact the Service Desk of your faculty or Contact Centre ESA, even if you have not completed your degree programme. 

Applying for a GPA statement is only possible for BSc and MSc students who have an active enrollment (not for bridging students). There must be an examination programme with at least one positive result. In case of missing passed courses in the examination programme, please contact Study Programme Administration