Request of unenrolment (make your request to unenrol before the last day of the month 23.59 CET/CEST)

If you no longer wish to be enrolled for your study programme(s) at TU Delft and you will not follow any courses or take examinations, you should arrange your unenrolment by submitting a request via your Studielink account.
Please note that

  • you need to be enrolled for your thesis defence
  • you will not be automatically unenrolled after graduation.
  • You do not need to be enrolled in order to receive the diploma supplement. 

Month of unenrolment

Unenrolment will take effect on the first day of the month following the month in which the request for unenrolment was made.

For instance

  • if you request unenrolment on 26 March, your enrolment will be terminated by 1 April. From 1 April you will no longer pay tuition fees.
  • you graduate on 30 September. You can already made a request for unenrolment before 30 September. You enrolment will than be terminated on 1 October and you will no longer pay tuition fees.
  • It is also possible to request a different month of unenrolment, as long as this month lies in the future. For instance, if you request unenrolment on 26 March and you indicate that you wish to be unenrolled by 1 May, your enrolment will be terminated by 1 May.

Please note! If you submit a request for unenrolment after 31 May, you can be unenrolled from 1 July or 1 August. Be aware that you still have to pay tuition fee for the months of July and August. 


When you unenrol at TU Delft, you are entitled to a refund of one twelfth of the annual tuition fee for each month of the academic year in which you are no longer enrolled, with the exception of July and August. 


  • If you unenrol for a bridging programme or educational module you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • If a student is unenrolled in the case of death the refund will include the tuition fees paid for July and August.

Precondition for tuition fee refund

In order to be eligible for a tuition fee refund you need to have submitted an unenrolment application on Studielink in time. If you are found to be entitled to a refund it will be automatically paid into the account of the person who paid the tuition fees.

Calculating tuition fee refunds

You will be refunded one twelfth of the tuition fee for each remaining month of the academic year from the unenrolment date.

  • If you erminate your enrolment as of 1 October in September you will be refunded eleven twelfths of your tuition fee.
  • If you terminate your enrolment as of 1 June in May you will be refunded three twelfths of your tuition fees.


When you are un-enrolled your CampusCard will be de-activated after 90 days. After this period when you are re-enrolled your CampusCard will no longer work. You need to ask for a new CampusCard at the Contact Centre, Jaffalaan 9a. The frontdesk is open daily from 9.00-17.00 pm.

Second enrolment

Termination and restitution is also possible if you hold a second valid enrolment within higher education, or if you have commenced or will be commencing a follow-up degree programme. If a certificate ‘paid tuition fee’ is issued for another institution or higher education, an amended certificate will be sent to the institution, stating the amount that was paid to TU Deft over the term of enrolment. The supplementary tuition fees must be paid at the institution where the other degree programme is being followed.

Please beware
You should be aware that cancellation or termination of your studies will have financial consequences for your Student Grant and your public transport season ticket. For more information on this issue contact the Central Student Counsellor or visit the DUO website

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