Bachelor Applied Earth Sciences

What is the Bachelor Applied Earth Sciences all about?

An adventurous, international study programme in which sustainable management of nature takes center stage. Students 'AES' choose the globe as their international working area. You will take classes in the search for solutions for sustainable energy in the (distant) future, developing new techniques for enhancing soil in underground construction or in the development of recycling technologies.

Sustainable use of our globe requires engineers with a view to economic and social issues, technical knowledge and a huge level of experience. Therefore, the program offers a lot of theory and practice. Excursions, international fieldwork, exchanges and project-based learning are important. During the three-year BSc student if you get acquainted with four major technical specialisations in Earth Sciences:

  • Climate & Weather
  • Earth Observation
  • Geo-Resource Engineering
  • Geo-Energy Engineering

These specialisations are housed in four master varieties you might follow after earning your bachelor's degree. In another two years you will gain the title of Master of Science (MSc) in one of these variants. This master's degree is comparable to the former five-year training as an engineer (ir). The bachelor's program leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Academic Counsellors

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