Applied Earth Sciences

The two year Master of Science Programme Applied Earth Sciences is a challenging Engineering Programme for students from a wide variety of different disciplines (including petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, geology, geophysics, civil engineering, natural sciences) who are interested in and concerned about sustainable use of the earth in relation to problems of energy production (exploring and exploiting oil and gas), raw materials technology or geotechnical engineering.

You will be trained to become a creative and independent thinker; an engineer who is able to solve complex problems. In the first year specialized courses are taught, lab work is an important part and you will be taken on a geological excursion. In the second year you will conduct a research project under the supervision of a professor. Defending your thesis will be the last exam.

The courses and assignments will be given by specialists who excel in their respective disciplines and often operate in industry. The environment is international, English is the standard-language. In addition to the training and teaching-programme there is the possibility of combining cases from personal practice with the specific scientific knowledge developed by our professors and researchers.

The AES community is a small one, which has the advantage of flexibility and means that participants can get to know each other. The broad and internationally oriented nature of the course means that graduates can find employment in a wide range of industries and businesses, in the disciplines covered by AES and others.

Academic year 2021-2022 will be the last year that the Master's programme Applied Earth Sciences is offered in its current form. If you have just finished your Bachelor degree, we strongly advise you not to enrol in the Master's programme until September 2022. If you want to enrol now, please contact one of the academic counsellors first. Information on the effect this transition might have on your study programme and courses can be found here.

In September 2022, we will start with the redesigned master's programme for AES. For more information on the new master's programme, click here.


Will Applied Geophysics continue to exist?

Yes, Applied Geophysics will continue to exist as an unmodified track in the AES master program at least until 2022, but we are working towards changing the joint master applied geophysics into an independent master program that should start in 2023. This change will not incur any changes in the content of the program or its organisation.


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