What do we do?

The Academic Counsellors advise and support about the following:

  • Study choice and changing studies
  • Study planning
  • Study grants
  • Study delay
  • Situations of force majeure and special circumstances
  • Contacts with lecturers and supervisors
  • Contacts with Student Programme Administration and other sections of the faculty or university

The Academic Counsellors provide supervision and individual coaching for problems with:

  • Motivation
  • Discipline
  • Planning and time management
  • Study effectively
  • Study choice
  • Graduation
  • Adaption to student life
  • Adaption to the Dutch culture

The Academic Counsellors must be consulted for:

  • Requests to the Board of Examiners
  • Requests to the BSA committee
  • MoMi requests
  • Requests for financial support in the event of study delay due to personal circumstances, such as:
    • Ilness, mental or relational problems or special family circumstances
    • Practicing top sports
    • Doing a board year

The Academic Counsellors can inform about / refer to:

  • The student doctor (Student Healthcare Delft)
  • Career and Counselling Services:
    • Student counsellors for legal and financial affairs, career counselling, dyslexia tests and studying with a disability 
    • Student psychologists for fear of failure, handling stress, depression, relational problems or special family circumstances, training in social skills, assertiveness and constructive thinking
    • Career counsellors for study choice tests and career advice

In addition, the Academic Counsellors coordinate the Mentorship for first-year students. Furthermore, they have an active monitoring system on which they base various interventions.

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