Online Career Tools

Would you like to find out which company could suit you? Learn how to prepare a good application letter and targeted CV or prepare for an interview with an employer on Sunday afternoon? Then use the online career tools that the Career Centre makes available for you. Find answers to your career questions at the moment that suits you best.

Going Global

Would you rather start or continue your career outside of the Netherlands? Take a look at Going Global for information on applying and working in more than 35 different countries and American cities.

Study Choice Guide for Universities

The Study Choice Guide for Universities is available online for TU Delft students who are looking for a different study. You can get the account details you need to log in to the website by signing up for our Brightspace organisation Career & Counselling Services.

Student Development Library

We at Student Development are the first within TU Delft to have our own educational collection at the TU Delft library. In it, you can find selected materials (books, magazines, even audio) which are interesting for our target group.
Are you in need of more background information and would like to consult digital or hardcopy materials? Take a look at our selection.