Making an appointment with the psychologists

On this page, you can make an appointment for individual consultation. Would you like to make an appointment for a supportive statement? Click here.

Before you register for individual consultation, we ask that you conduct the QuickScan below. If one or more of the following statements reflect your current situation, it may be advisable to register with the psychologists. Please use the registration form.


  • One or more of the (psychological) problems described here reflect my current situation
  • Those around me are unable to help me with my problem/problems
  • I do not want to be a burden to those around me
  • I need more than practical tips alone in order to tackle the problem(s)
  • I have already seen the academic counsellor and/or central student counsellor
  • I have attended a Smartstudie course
  • I have received treatment or support elsewhere
  • I recently visited my general practitioner and/or am using medication