4. Studying succesfully with the circle of learning success

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You’re to be trained as a scientist. Let us therefore take a logical approach to the learning process: The Circle of Learning Success. Super convenient. You can use it to find out at which stage you can get the most profit.

We start with the Action Plan
If an architect does not make her goals explicit, her brain does not know which way to go. Which commitment it must show. The brain is a goal seeking device. The clearer and more specific you formulate your goals, the more efficiently it works. What do you want to achieve? Only pass that test or a diploma? Want to become a certain type of professional? Working on your personal development? Be clear!Oh. And the brain really really likes the right challenge: not too difficult and not too easy.

Study attentively
You get started. Logical. But if you get started without focused attention, and that happens more than you think, you cannot build brain networks. Simple. Logical. No attention  = no network.It makes no sense to continue studying. Stop. Take a couple of deep breaths. Use your willpower to focus.
As for quantity: study in blocks of twenty to forty minutes, or at least as long as you are on 'On': if you look away from your study material, can you then explain aloud what you have just seen or read? Then you are still on "On". Try this for one week.

Establish new brain circuits
This can be achieved by 
a. reactivating earlier information on the subject, so refreshing it again
b. by ensuring that you really understand the new information (otherwise you will get a very strange brain pattern)
c.  applying smart study methods such as mind maps, speed reading, memory techniques
d. by varying the study method

Ingrain brain circuits
Once a network has been created, it must also become strong enough. You do this by repeating or applying the study material.
If you don't have time for this, analyze your planning and prioritization and discover where there is room.

Take exam
It may be that the study material is stored in the form of large and strong networks, but that you cannot express them, manifest them. Maybe because you are in poor condition, have insufficient knowledge of the various test forms or cannot remove blockages during a test.

Evaluate result
Did you not succeed? Or was the result disappointing? Make sure you find out why that happened. Was it due to the detailed questions or the overview questions? The long or short questions? Were you too rushed, too sloppy or overconfident?
For this exercise it is necessary to bend frustration into energy that will benefit you and that will take you further.

Back to Plan of Action
Adjust your goals or methods and go back in the circle until it works for you. You will achieve satisfying results and feel good.